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BallHoneys gets lucky and finds two Latin babes at once

J Mac and his buddy were lounging around bored one afternoon and decided to hit the streets to see if they could find any new Ball Honeys. After a little while they met these two smoking hot Latina babes, chatted them up and found out they were pretty bored too. So J Mack invited them back to his crib to hang and have fun. They agreed and followed him home like two lost little puppies. But these puppies had something wicked in mind.

Latina babes with big asses

As soon as they got back to J Mac’s place they started playing around with each other, and showing off those big juicy asses. Just as J Mac was relaxing and enjoying the show they attacked his cock like the were starving. J Mac has been around the block with the Ball Honeys before so he doesn’t need to be told twice. As soon as they grabbed his cock it was on. He started licking and slapping those big asses and pretty soon he had them both bent over and was taking turns fucking them from behind. J Mac banged the hell out of these two then pulled out and shot his hot load all over their pretty Latina faces. You get to really watch the whole video, which is fully available inside Ball Honeys members area. Join now and start your BALL adventure right away!

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